About Us

Memories are like dew-drops. You have to capture them before they evaporate under the Sun. Entrap them, in a painting or a photograph, or in the form of any other memento.

Experience the revolution called ‘Tiny Treasures’. Add another dimension to your nostalgia. We create 3D impressions of hands & feet of children as well as adults.

Who we are

Tiny Treasures are exact replicas of the hands and feet of your children and beloved ones. They capture all the creases and lines, fingernails and toes to the amazing details. Each piece is unique, one-of-its-kind. Thus each piece is a tiny drop of time in the ocean of eternity. A Tiny Treasure that will remain with you forever as an incessant source of happiness and pleasure.

What we treasure

Introducing the timeless flesh of eternity – Tiny Treasures. Preserve the 3D replica of the tender hands & feet of your children and cherish them forever. Make your wedding/ anniversary gift super- special with those interlocked hands of a loving couple. Preserve the revered feet of your parents/elders or Guruji as an endless source of blessings.

freeze it. frame it.

How we Treasure

The technique we use is extremely simple, safe and swift. It is absolutely hazardless. It takes about 60 seconds to take the impression and we deliver the final product after 30 days.

Customize your Tiny Treaure by choosing from a wide range of finish like Royal Gold, Antique Gold, Aztec Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper & many others. The Product is also available in exquisite frames of your choice.

So call us now and make your love come to life and shine forever.